Large Format


Large Format Posters

Grab the attention of your audience with large, full colour posters. They are ideal for floor graphics, signs, movie posters, flip charts, presentations, and store or window displays.




Foam Board

Foam board is a lightweight, but strong, board made from two sheets of paper on each side of a foam core. It is especially suited for use indoors for point of purchase, artwork, menus, directional/informational and trade show signage.




Styrene is a thin, lightweight, durable and economical PVC sheet. It is most often used indoor/outdoor as inexpensive signs. Some of the common uses for styrene include free standing displays, billboards, bus advertising, temporary signage, and trade shows.





Large format canvas printing is becoming very popular. It can be stretched on a frame to create canvas art pieces or canvas photography. It can also be used for temporary signs, flags, trade show fabric banners and canvas banners.